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The Boca Raton News website is a website not affiliated with an official agency or a private institution that is interested in providing news and following up on world news, especially USA, and is interested in covering many areas, for all aspects of political news and other important aspects of our lives and to follow all daily updates in the political affairs.

The Boca Raton News website includes a group of distinguished editors who are interested in covering news in all fields, and all new news in the world, especially USA, and they cover all aspects of life and topics available and who have experience in the field of electronic journalism, and the most important characteristic of our team It was our delicacy in monitoring news, non-alignment to rumors and non-racism.


Publishing policy :

The material published on Boca Raton News expresses the opinion of its author and does not necessarily express the opinion of the site.
The site administration does not pre-apologize for publishing any material that expresses blind intolerance or bias to a category, religion or sect or offends them or leads to provoking disputes and tribal, sectarian and regional temptations or offends religions and divine books and divine subjects or includes words, images and expressions that are contrary to morals and public morals, or It includes any form of offense, threat, and verbal violence.

  • The site management apologizes for not publishing any written or photocopying materials in violation of the law.
  • The site administration is not obligated to publish everything that is mentioned to it, and the timing and place of publication is subject to its own technical and technical considerations.
  • The site administration does not pay cash money as compensation for the material sent to it, whether published or not.
  • The Administration considers that the person who requests the publication of material on the site has read and understood these terms.

Comment posting policy :

Comments are available to visitors without registration, according to the following conditions:

  • The comment should be on the published material only.
  • Comments that include personal abuse, which are outside the general and abusive morals of divine self and divine religions, are deleted, and everything that includes any form of defamation, threat and verbal violence.
  • The site administration has the right to delete or amend any comments that do not comply with the publishing policy.
  • The published comments do not necessarily reflect the policy and opinion of the site administration.

The goal of the site :

Boca Raton News seeks to provide all news exclusively, as we investigate accuracy and transparency in publishing news, and we provide smart solutions to save time and effort on the user while browsing the site, and we strive to cover all news in the world, especially USA.


Staff :

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