Democrats are calling for Trump’s condemnation at the end of their argument in the Senate

3 February 2020 : At the end of their plea before the Senate, Democrats called on the US President to condemn the two accusations leveled against him by the House of Representatives by obstructing the work of Congress and by abusing power.

“It cannot be trusted that this president will do the right thing,” said chief prosecutor Adam Schiff, adding, “You will not change, and you know that.” Schiff said before the 100 members of the Senate, who will decide on Wednesday the fate of Trump that the founders of the United States “gave you medicine to use it,” saying, “Organize a fair trial and condemn it.”

He added, “History will have no mercy on Donald Trump,” calling on Council members to show “the courage to stand up to him.”

On Wednesday, at 16:00 (21:00 GMT), the Senate will vote on the two charges against Trump, who seems confident of his acquittal.

Republicans occupy 53 seats in the Senate compared to 47 for the Democrats, knowing that the removal of the President requires a majority of two-thirds of the members of the Senate, or 67 Senators.

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