Pompeo warns of the danger of the Iranian regime obtaining a nuclear weapon

2 February 2020 : US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned against the consequences of the Iranian regime obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Pompeo reminded that the behavior of the Iranian regime is dangerous without a nuclear weapon and asked what would be the matter if Tehran acquired a nuclear weapon under this behavior.

Pompeo wrote on his Twitter account: “We imposed sanctions on the Atomic Energy Organization in Iran and its chief Ali Akbar Salehi,” adding that this organization “is the main player in the nuclear escalation and blackmail led by the (Iranian) regime through the nuclear program.”

He continued: “Iran’s behavior is really dangerous – imagine how bad the situation would be if the Iranian regime got a nuclear weapon.”

In May 2018, US President Donald Trump announced his country’s exit from the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5 + 1 .

Trump said at the time that this agreement would allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon and expand its influence in the Middle East. Trump gradually reimposed sanctions on Tehran, and the latter retaliated by renouncing its obligations under the nuclear deal.

On Thursday, Washington announced new sanctions against the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization and its chief, Salehi, for “playing an important role in Iran’s failure to respect its major nuclear commitment by exceeding the uranium stockpile and its enrichment level.”

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