The first American comment on Alawi’s nomination: We will work with the new government as soon as it is formed

The US embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, said that Washington will work with the new government as soon as it is formed to create conditions for a stable and prosperous Iraq.

The embassy said in a statement on “Twitter” that the current conditions in Iraq and the region require an independent and impartial government committed to meeting the needs of the people.

And considered that the nomination of Muhammad Tawfiq Alawias the new prime minister of Iraq, “must be followed up with real efforts to ensure the achievement of this goal.”

The Iraqi president had given the parliamentary blocs until Saturday to nominate a prime minister, saying that he would choose a figure that would satisfy the street if he did not receive a response from the blocs.

Alawi, who was previously rejected by the demonstrators, said in a video posted on his page on “Facebook”, “After the President asked me to form a government, I decided the first thing I talk to with you.”

“Had it not been for your sacrifices, there would have been no change in the country. I believe in you and for this I will ask you to continue the demonstrations.”

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