At least 9 people die, thousands displaced in Indonesia floods

30 January 2020 : Sudden floods and landslides left at least nine people dead on Sumatra island, Indonesia, and forced hundreds of people to seek shelter, local disaster management agency announced Thursday.

Heavy rains in North Sumatra this week led to floods in valleys and landslides.

Most of the victims were drowned. “We suspect that two of them were killed because of the logs that fell on them,” said Saifuddin Ananda Nasution, head of the central province of Tabanoli.

He added that illegal logging in this area may have contributed to causing landslides.

These conditions forced many thousands of residents to leave their homes and take refuge in shelters.

At the beginning of January, record rains caused floods and landslides in the Jakarta metropolitan area, specifically on Java Island, leaving 70 people dead.

Water swept through entire neighborhoods of Jakarta, with a population of about 30 million, and thousands of people were forced to leave their homes.

Floods abound in the southeast archipelago of Indonesia, with the rainy season beginning in November.

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