CAF issued an official statement to answer accusations of financial corruption

The Confederation of African Football , on Sunday, reacted in an official proclamation presented on its site on the ongoing press reports that managed charges of budgetary debasement of CAF authorities .

Said ” enough ” in his announcement : ” keep up an advisory group of the Executive Union , the African Football Association the privilege to sue all the creators of the charges wrong and introduced in the broad communications and systems social .”

He included : ” We have brought about over 30 years of the executives of the old and the person in the ” K ” for parts of lacks significant at all degrees of tasks, and the dedication of the official to isolate new depends on the accepted procedures of universal is the inspiration driving its choice to lead a survey of complete activities Union , the African .”

He proceeded : ” The Committee official is that requested an audit of a far reaching for all records and budgetary Union , the African, and the ” K ” is the solicitation of the association with his worldwide ” Viva ” , the request to assist the advancement and change .”

He noticed the announcement to the Committee ‘s Executive has set a gathering on 14 February 2020 to check the guide of the street for the Union of Africa during the period ahead, which will consider all the suggestions, to be is to guarantee correspondence and customary and straightforward , which can all spectators and novice football from the assessment of the advancement made Towards access to the type of another Union of the African .

The reports of the press prior had shown that the survey of Fatima Samora, Secretary General of FIFA, have demonstrated the presence of anomalies monetary enormous EU African Football Association, concerning how to burn through a great many dollars of assets plans for the advancement of football in the mainland ‘s dark, which sent the Union International partner Africa during the period Past .

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