Chile Unrest Spreads, With 15 Deaths Reported in Violence

30 January 2020 :Fires, looting, attacks on police headquarters and the killing of two protesters were recorded in accidents, amid a new escalation of violence in Chile more than three months after the start of an unprecedented social crisis.

A 22-year-old was killed Wednesday night, Thursday, while he was protesting at a roadblock in San Ramon, on the outskirts of Santiago.

“A minibus that struck him was stolen shortly before, from masked demonstrators,” police said in a statement.

The young man was taken to hospital, but he died from his wounds. Meanwhile, “other protesters attacked a disguised young man” who was driving the bus “and seriously wounded him” and burned the bus, according to the same source.

On Tuesday, a soccer club fan was killed after being hit by a police truck during clashes with security forces after a match in southern Santiago.

Since the outbreak of the social crisis on October 18, soccer fans have joined protesters, while chants against the government regularly rise in the stadiums.

Thirty people have been killed since the crisis began, most of them in fires. Several thousand people were injured in the crackdowns on the protests.

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