France returns 17 children of the terrorists

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Ludranan said Sunday that his country has so far returned 17 children of terrorists, adding that France wants to continue to return these “innocent” children.

Laudrian announced during a joint program between a number of French media that his country could return other children If they can.

He said that “France wants to ensure the return of these innocent children, provided their mothers agree.” As for their ages, and added that, “We have so far been limited to those under the age of six.”

The French government defends dealing with the deportation of children in camps for jihad prisoners, by studying “each case separately.”

This comes in light of public opinion rejecting or fearing the idea of ​​the return of the terrorists or their relatives.

The government also did not resolve its decision regarding the return of adults in light of the difficulties encountered in dealing with them in their areas of detention in Iraq or the Syrian areas under the control of Kurdish forces.

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