Japan plans to remove Coronas influence from the Olympic Games

3 February 2020 : Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo said that “His country will keep in touch with many parties to ensure that the spread of the Coruna virus does not affect the Olympics this year in Japan.

Seiko Hashimoto said that “The organizers of the next session in Tokyo 2020 are never thinking of canceling this year.”

Abe told to parliamentary committee that “We will stay in touch with everyone, including the International Olympic Committee and the World Health Organization, to take the right steps and remove the impact of the Corona virus from the Olympics. ”

Since the outbreak spread late last year, as it has killed 361 people in China, the Coruna virus has so far caused a worldwide crisis.

The Olympic Games will be held in the capital of Japan, Tokyo from July 24 to August 9.

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