The Spanish government postpones negotiations with Catalan independence supporters

30 January 2020 : The Spanish government announced Thursday that the call for early regional elections in Catalonia will delay negotiations between the government of Pedro Sanchez and the government of the province of Catalonia aimed at defusing the crisis in Catalonia.

“The government hopes to be able to start this dialogue after the people of Catalonia say their words and whenever the organization of these elections is speeded up and a new government is formed (in Catalonia) we can speed up the dialogue,” the Spanish government said in a statement.

On Wednesday, pro-independence Catalan Prime Minister Kim Torra announced the call for early elections due to a crisis between the two independence parties that make up the government.

However, he did not specify the date of the poll, explaining that it will not be organized until after the approval of the budget by the Parliament of the region, which will require about two months.

Sanchez had, before negotiating the future of Catalonia, aimed at finding a solution to the political crisis in this region, in exchange for his support for the continuation of government in the beginning of January by the pro-independence leftist Republican Party (IRC) and one of the poles of the ruling coalition in Catalonia.

The Socialists and the Independence Party had agreed in principle to form the negotiating committee “within 15 days.”

After announcing the postponement of the talks, the leftist Republican Party of Catalonia condemned “a blatant violation of the agreement and no absolute responsibility”, in the words of its leader, Sergey Sabria.

On the other hand, the Spanish government confirmed that a meeting between Sanchez and Tora will be held next Thursday in Barcelona, ​​which should be a prelude to dialogue.

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